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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 16, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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so during our break i asked dr. ben carson about that reporter's comments. go to to see what he had toy. let me know what you think. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly, this is "the kelly file". welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. we are witnessing what seems to be an endless flood of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. according to u.s. border patrol from october 2013 through june 2014 more than 200,000 immigrants have entered this country illegally. and that number does not include those coming from mexico. in addition, homeland security secretary jaeh johnson said as many as 90,000 unaccompanied children could cross the border before the fiscal year in october. despite that hard evidence, a top democrat in the u.s. senate, harry reid, he's spewing an entirely different narrative.
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take a look. >> everyone here, the border is secure. martin talked to the caucus today. he is a border state senator. he said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure. >> i was just down there and i can tell you it's not. pretty unbelievable. and for the very latest on how the administration is responding to that completely outrageous remark, we turn to fox's own ed henry standing by at the white house again tonight. ed. >> reporter: sean, good to see you. president getting pressure from the left and right on this issue as you know because of the border crisis he has liberals in his party saying he's not doing enough to treat the illegal immigrants coming in, the unaccompanied minors in a humane way, but also pressure to not deport those kids and other who is are already here. he just wrapped up, the president did, tonight a meeting with the congressional hispanic office. one told me it was emotional, constructive and also felt there were no solutions in terms of how to move forward on the
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crisis on the border right now. meanwhile, heat from the right. you're right as well because you've got republicans saying the border is not secure. so based on what senator harry reid said, i press the white house press secretary today with a very simple question, listen. >> is the border today secure? >> the issue that we're seeing at the border right now, ed, and the issue -- >> is the border secure? >> well, i will tell you that there are more resources that are dedicated to the border right now in securing it than there ever have been. >> the real reason we have this crisis in the first place and why we're seeing these children sent across the nation and to oklahoma is because we've had a failure with the administration on border security. >> reporter: now, the governor there is referring to a 2012 executive order from the president that allowed some undocumented folks to stay here in the country. and the republicans believe that sent a signal that the border was open and these kids could come across. the white house rejects that the president created this crisis with his executive order, but
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interesting today josh earnest left the door open by saying after meeting with congressional caucus today and the weeks ahead that we can expect more executive orders from the president. >> thank you. joining me now with more evidence on how baseless harry reid's remarks is fox touring the border region witnessing firsthand exactly what's going on there. john, i've been down there with you. and i got to tell you you get a very different perspective being down there. >> reporter: you certainly do. and after spending another few days on the front lines with the border patrol and department of public safety, highway patrol, other agencies who are trying to solve this crisis, you come away with the impression that this is indeed a very, very serious problem. but one that defies a simple solution. it's not as simple as saying secure the border. now, as to what harry reid is saying, there is some evidence that border security as it stands now is actually working pretty good, pretty well, in terms of apprehensions and deterrence for people who don't
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want to get caught. when you look at the overall number of apprehensions, it's down from 1.6 million in 1999 and just over 400,000 since last october including this recent surge of central american immigrants. but here's where the system breaks down. because so many of these central american immigrants, the unaccompanied children, the so-called family units, they want to get caught. so as they come across the border, rules of engagement with the border patrol, they will not physically try to stop them coming across the rio grand for fear somebody might fall out of the raft and drown, so if they get into the river, sean, there's a pretty good likelihood they'll end up in the united states. so taking care of this problem, according to border patrol officials i talked to, needs to be a combination of things. needs to be apprehension, administrative action and diplomacy with mexico and other countries. his country has been turning back more people who cross over illegally from guatemala than
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they were in the past. indeed apprehensions are down. the latest for the rio grand valley basically goes west from rio grand city all the way to the coast, only a small slice of the border, 655 people from central america were apprehended yesterday. and now in the border patrol detention facility, which we had exclusive access to, there are now 347 people. that is down from a peak of 1,500 about four weeks ago. now, all of this can be attributed to a number of things according to border patrol, a seasonal lull, immigration tends to go down during the hot months of july and august. and as well they believe the message is beginning to get out, sean, for people not to come to the united states. but they do believe this lull is only temporary. and if something isn't done quickly to address the situation; we'll be right back where we were six weeks ago. >> one of the thing -- you know, you talk about the border patrol and rio grand, it's such a vast area we're talking about. i saw an estimate about 70% of
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the border agents there attention is diverted and this is where it breaks down, 70% are involved in paperwork or the handling of these people from central america. you have similar estimates? >> well, there are a lot of people on the border, there's no question. and the rio grande valley border patrol district has been getting some additional agents. but when we were inside that detention facility, it was the type of activity every available border agent who wasn't doing border security was there trying to process these people. there weren't enough in the station to they were doing it by video link as well. so there's no question the attention has been diverted from the general mission of the border patrol in dealing with all these central american families. it's not just about sending them back. some of them are going to be in the country for years, sean, before their cases are adjudica adjudicated. >> thank you so much for sharing with us. joining us from los angeles with a disturbing report about how the federal government is actually spending millions of your hard earned tax dollars to
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house illegal immigrants at a texas hotel. joining us with that story is fox's own william lodgeness. william. >> sean, the administration says it's no big deal when immigrant minors are transferred from the border to cities around the u.s. it's humanitarian. a hotel in texas where the feds planned to house 600 unaccompanied minors offering pools, tennis courts, wi-fi and more. the hotel was to be bought by texas charity and operated under a $50 million a year federal contract. however, late today baptist child and family services pulled out of the deal due to "negative backlash." the hotel was to house teenagers for up to two weeks until the health and human services could fly or bus them to their parents or put them with a foster family. but that too is not cheap.
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multiple nonprofits and charities are receiving contracts $15 million to $62 million according to federal register to care for these kids. we do know now lawmakers are hoping to change in the law ten days total from time of arrest to a judge's decision. you stay or you go, will help deter and reduce that flow from central america. critics however say the administration's still failing to deport or prosecute parents who pay for their kids to be smuggled and is not addressing the tens of thousands of cases that don't involve unaccompanied minors. others as you know, sean, are saying, hey, the united states in the last six years has given el sal ra dor, guatemala and honduras about $900 million. some say cut it off. others want to use that for leverage. some want to give them more. back to you. >> what an unbelievable report. william, thank you so much. we turn to kathrine standing by in washington, d.c. with a new intel report that reveals what could be fueling the surge of illegals entering this country.
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kathrine. >> well, sean, the new intelligence assessment does not conclude violence is the main motivation for the thousands of children crossing the mexican border. the july 7th report from the el paso intelligence center where dea and homeland security work to collect and distribute law enforcement intelligence. misconceptions are fueling the surge. of the 230 migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason of migrating to the united states was the perception of u.s. immigration laws creating free passes. coyotes or human smugglers are promoting perceived changed to u.s. immigration law after the obama administration decided in 2012 to practice prosecutorial indiscretion. >> the violence isn't new. the situation in those countries is not new. these cartels have seen a weakness in the system. they've seen statements coming
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from the administration that they have used in order to frankly just increase the amount of people coming over. >> the texas intelligence assessment also cites data from the united nations office of drugs and crime statistics. while there has been an explosion in the number of illegal minors, the u.n. crime data for central america actually shows a dip in violence though it does remain one of the most dangerous areas worldwide. while customs and border protection had no statement for fox news about the intelligence report, homeland security officials stressed that they believe it is a combination of factors including a bad economy as well as security, sean. >> so prosecutorial discretion means they won't enforce the law. >> well, the data does not support the conclusion that violence is the catalyst to this surge. what seems to support this conclusion is there was a change in the law and that these groups down south in central america are able to exploit that to their benefit probably millions of dollars.
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>> that's a lot. and of course we won't enforce the law, word gets out. great report. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> here with more on how inaccurate harry reid our border is secure, the vice president of national border secure council and larry fowler with us. shawn, i'll start with you. is the border secure as harry reid claims? >> if it is i haven't seen that border. the information we have from agents is that the illegal crossings are going up throughout the sectors both on the northern border and southern border and load sizes are increase sglg sheriff, we have an estimate that 60,000 we are looking to house which is why the president asked for $3.7 billion estimated by october 90,000, how can you make that claim? it's either political and you're outright lying and using propaganda, or you just don't have a clue what's going on.
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what do you think it is? >> actually, i'm not buying any of this border secure business. after what happened to us over this past weekend there in parker county. >> go ahead. >> we had a 911 call came into our center at the sheriff's office from a lady said somebody broken into her house and sexually assaulted her daughter. well, to make a long story short, we worked the case out, we made an arrest. and he's now in the parker county jail. but it's a mexican national who had been deported from the united states back to mexico four times. and he broke into these people's house in the middle of the night -- well, actually about 4:30 in the morning. but we were able to complete the case, get him arrested and he's now in jail. but i think this is probably the fifth time he's been illegally in the country. >> by the way, wasn't he also a catch and release?
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in other words he was given a court date to appear, which most of these guys aren't showing up for, wasn't that the case in that case? >> i don't have any information on that. my information is i believe the man to be on some type of federal probation after being convicted in federal court for illegal entry. and -- >> why did we send him home? it boggles the mind. gentlemen, we're running out of time. thank you both for being with us. keep up the good work. coming up, when we come back, a stunning ad is offering california residents more than $6,000, your money, per month to house illegal immigrant children in their homes. which by the way in case you're interested, would be illegal. wait until you see this. and also tonight, patrick joins us to explain his dire warning to america about why the flood of illegals into america could result in the bulkization of the united states. and what do the american people think about the chaos on the border? we have focus group at "hannity"
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this fox news alert, the humanitarian crisis on our southern border is worsening with thousands of illegal children having entered the country. now there are reports tonight of an advertisement placed in the marietta, california, penny saver newspaper asking parents to house children including survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied refugee minors. according to the advertisement participants can be paid up to $6,000 per month tax free for their services. we reached out to the organization to verify the advertisement but have not received a response. here now with the report is kristen tate.
10:17 pm
kristen. >> thanks for having me, sean. that's right. the feds are now dolling out child support payments. they've enlisted the help of a local foster agency called kritenden child foster services in marietta, california. they're the ones that put out the ad in the paper. i reached out to them and they told me that individuals who offer up their homes to these illegal immigrants can make up to $6,000 per month. $6,000. so i asked them, you know, how do you take these kids? what are the requirements? they told me all you need is a driver's license and a room with furniture in it. that constitutes almost everyone in america. so i've had a lot of response from this story. people calling me and saying why the heck am i getting up for work every morning? i ought to take a couple of these kids, put them in my spare bedrooms and start collecting.
10:18 pm
you can make $72,000 a year on this. it's incredible. >> let me ask you this question, where is that money coming from? >> the federal government. they're handing out money like candy like they always do. >> so the federal government is -- >> in fact, the folks -- >> in other words -- i don't mean to interrupt you, but isn't it illegal? isn't it illegal if i were to transport or have in my home illegal immigrants, wouldn't i risk being arrested but yet the government is going to pay people? aren't they breaking their own laws? >> yep, this administration only likes to follow the rules that they want to follow. and in fact crittenden told me they have their health care taken care of by the federal government. it's crazy. it's totally out of control. >> kristin, good report. my next guest has been warning of the dangers of illegal immigration but made waves earlier this week when he said if america continues to allow illegal immigrants to flood across the border, our country
10:19 pm
faces a "bull canization." author of a "new york times" best seller, patrick j. buchanan is back with us. sir, you have spoken for years -- you have warned america for years about illegal immigration. you've even taken a lot of heat and been called a racist for saying that you want our laws obeyed and american sovereignty respected. is this even worse than you thought it would become? >> sean, i've been at this for 20 years since i ran in 1992 against president bush when they were coming in at the imperial beach there in san diego at 5,000 a weekend walking into our country. for 20 years the government of the united states has failed to secure the borders of the united states. and a country that cannot control its borders, said ronald reagan, isn't really a country anymore. and we are headed down the road to a point in this country with people pouring in from every country and continent of the world, many of them coming in
10:20 pm
here not knowing the language, understanding the language, not being part of our culture or civilization, to the point where i think the united states of america is really down the road going to head for bulkinization or breakup. people move into their own faith, own history, own identity. and i think that's what all over the world countries are breaking up over these issues. >> let me ask you this, pat, are you suggesting that maybe cessation -- look at the last report we have from kristin and she's saying our government is paying families to house illegal immigrants. >> if that's true, the government of the united states and the president of the united states, if he knows it, are subsidizing massive criminality on the part of people who are breaking into our country. we know we have 11 million or 12 million illegals here. it may well be 20. how did this happen, sean, to get to these numbers without
10:21 pm
either the collusion or dereliction of duty in the part of the president of the united states? and frankly not only this president. >> we know this president, in fact, he didn't get his dream act passed so they made a decision not to enforce the immigration law. he made a decision to rewrite the work fare provision and not enforce on welfare. we know this president decided to unilaterally decided to change his own legislation obamacare. this is not new, pat. we've been talking about the imperial presidency for a while. >> we're going to talk about the transformation of america too. that's what he had in mind. and that's what is happening here. these folks coming into this country are poor. they don't speak the language. they're not well-educated. and they're going to go on welfare rolls and get social welfare benefits. it's not simply a problem of bankrupt the country. politically what is this going to mean? right now one-third of all the illegal aliens go to california, sean. take a look at california politically with richard nixon carried five times and ronald
10:22 pm
reagan carried in four landslides. the republicans are outnumbered two-to-one in the state legislatures, they're two-to-one in the congressional. they don't have a single statewide officer. i'll tell you, when the country looks like california demographically, it's going to look like california politically. now, why would that bother harry reid? or why would that bother barack obama, who would like to see a much more diverse society as he calls it? >> well, a diverse society, but you're saying you think the majority of people that are coming in from these poorer countries are more likely to vote democrat because they -- >> sure. >> let me ask you this. you talk about ball canization, what do you foresee happening? >> here's what i see. i mean, there are huge enclaves of people in various cities and towns basically moving together by culture, by language, by ethnicity. and basically not communicating well or hardly at all with other
10:23 pm
areas of the country. it's like when i say bulkization, look at yugoslavia, broke up over religion, language, culture and history into seven countries. you have serbia, croatia -- that's what i see happening to the united states. look at the scots want to get o similar in many ways to the english. it's happening all over the world. >> do you see certain states saying we want to be independent and declaring their independence? >> no, it's more internal. look at northern california wants to su seed from northern california. maryland wants to secede. they say we don't want a part of that. we can't get anything out of there. they're not like us. i see that as the future of the country. >> patrick j. buchanan, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. congrats on your book.
10:24 pm
coming up, frank lunts back with a focus group of average americans to see how they feel about the chaos on the border and what they think should be done to fix it. and breaking news out of gaza city as 100,000 residents are warned to evacuate. and is the mainstream media trying to blame the crisis on israel unfairly? we're going to examine their coverage and much more tonight as "hann wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet? now get the unmistakable thrill... and the incredible rush... of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted.
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welcome back to "hannity kwlts. so as the chaos on our southern border rages out of control, the obama administration is digging in their heels about the immigration crisis. so we decided we want today hear from you, the hard working tax paying citizens of this country. to do so we enlisted the help of pollster frank luntz. he spoke with voters on both sides of the aisle to see what they thought about the influx of illegals coming into the united states. >> day after day, month after month, children have been coming across the mexican border into texas and has moved from a
10:27 pm
problem to a challenge to a crisis. let's hear what the american people think. first question for you all, should they have to go back? who says yes? and who says no? i'm curious, why not? >> you know, martin o'malley said it best, if you send these kids back, you're sending them to their death. we cannot be the country that is a beacon to bring people to us and at the same time deport children to murders. >> you actually believe they're going to get killed? >> i believe there's a risk of that. if there's a risk of that, then we need to be the place that brings them in. >> do you buy that? >> i don't buy that. the problem is if we keep allowing people to come in regardless of the age, they're effecting our economy, they're effecting our jobs eventually. and where does it end? >> go ahead. >> they're coming here because they've heard they can get in here free, not because they're running away tr crime and death. and i think if we reunite them with their families and their home country, they'll be better off. >> does it make you angry that this is happening? >> i'm very angry. they should be back in their
10:28 pm
homeland. and they shouldn't have the ability to just send people, kids, into our country. we are a country of laws. >> but aren't we a country of compassion? >> yes. >> rosalee. >> we can have compassion and we can show the world that we can help those children that are sick, but then send them back to their homeland. >> you want them to go back? what should happen? >> i think also we have to look at we've been doing a lot of asylum for a number of countries that has been beneficial for us. unfortunately now it's backfiring on us. would we have the same feeling if this was cuba? >> actually, would we? would you send cuban children back? >> no. >> yes or no? >> no. >> so you wouldn't send cuban children back, but you're going to send mexican, guatemala, el salvador, nicaragua, isn't that racist? >> yes. >> tell me why? >> because the cubans have always been considered sort of a step above. we had a relationship with cuba -- did not have one, and as a result any time they come here we've taken them in gladly.
10:29 pm
>> and you're saying we shouldn't? >> i think that since we did it then, we should do it now. we are a nation of immigrants. >> we can't let the whole world come in here. we're a country of laws. we've got to obey by the law. >> i think also the reason why we've taken in cuba is because it was propaganda. and also we have to look as though a lot of central america, a lot of the whole issues down there started from the u.s., a lot of those propped up governments. >> so you blame america? >> yes. >> does anyone else here blame america for these kids coming across the border? anybody else? go ahead. >> the american congress is not acting on immigration reform. the republicans are making money on it both ways. it's time for them to act. and they're going to play it to their best of their benefit to down obama. it's that simple. >> so let's end this on this final question. who has a positive -- i don't care where you voted for him or you stand, who in this room believes that the president is handling this crisis on the texas border effectively?
10:30 pm
raise your hands. not one of you. how many of you voted for barack obama in '08 or '12? i want to poipt that out. not one of them gives barack obama an effective rating for what he's done on the border. this is pretty damning. not just the issue but what's happening in politics in washington to deal with the issue. coming up, breaking news out of the middle east. are we on the verge of a ground war? israel is warning civilians in gaza to evacuate after hamas refuses to honor a cease fire. we have a report from that region coming up next. and later tonight. >> we must never forget that all are made better and more prosperous if all are given equal opportunities. >> all right. eric holder after playing the race card just can't seem to help himself. help himself. coming up, we'l'l [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real.
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10:36 pm
geraldo rivera and author of "please stop helping us." how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed. huge hit. the book is doing well. let's start with this. they killed this cop. then they start this makeshift memorial where, you know, thug and peace and putting liquor bottles up. and the wife of this cop killer says she wished he killed more. >> i think it's sick. but it tells you something about the ghetto subculture in black america. and we need to talk about it. and the problem is not a lot of people want to talk about it. when whites talk about it they get called racist. when blacks talk about it they get called sell outs. that's why i wrote this book, sean. >> geraldo, look at this situation here. >> the mayor ordered the
10:37 pm
disgraceful memorial that the widow of the cop killer had erected taken down, the new jersey chapter of the civil liberties union said that her right of free speech was being violated. i was on the radio today -- >> praising the cop killer. >> -- we absolutely think that the free speech does not protect. this is inciteful, i'm going to be at the memorial for officer santiago tomorrow. the threat by the bloods may be serious, may be not. the cops obviously though are being vigil. >> everybody would agree with what geraldo just said. even the psychos on msnbc -- nobody's going to disagree. the blood gangs, these are such unsophisticated morons you need to sober up, shower up, shoplift yourself a suit and go find a job.
10:38 pm
it's really disgusting. there's nothing else you can say. your hearts go out to the family of the officer who was killed. >> all right. >> 23 years old the cop. >> 23 years old. rookie cop. so this also has impacted a news 12 new jersey reporter by the name of sean bergin. and he went on air and made a commentary after the wife of this guy that was killed that killed the cop, i wish he killed more, he went on and said we have to deal with the problem. it's a predominantly black neighborhood of young black men without fathers. i interviewed him on my radio show today. here's how it went down. >> when young black men are getting slaughtered in the streets in mass, we have a new town in chicago every weekend. if that means i've got to lose my job to get a dialogue going on this, to get people to finally talk about this, then i'm prepared to take those lumps. the enemy, decades of liberal social welfare programs that have incentivized the practice of single mother hood. you cannot replace husbands and fathers with government checks and expect things are going to
10:39 pm
turn out well. >> now, before i get commentary, i have some comments from two people, one is barack obama and one is bill cosby because there's a story behind the story. >> too many fathers are awol, missing from too many lives and too many homes. they've abandoned their responsibilities. they're acting like boys instead of men. and the foundations of our families have suffered because of it. you and i know this is true everywhere, but nowhere is it more true than in the african-american community. >> i'm talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. where were you when he was 2? where were you when he was 12? where were you when he was 18? and how come you don't know he
10:40 pm
had a pistol? >> is there anything different what sean bergin said and what president obama and bill cosby said? >> i love when the president talks like that. and sometimes i wish that's all he would talk about, sean. unfortunately he talks about other things. but he's absolutely right. bill cosby is absolutely right. they get slammed by the black left. you mentioned msnbc, go read what michael eric dyson says about bill cosby for talking like this or what barack obama goes through when they talk about this. they don't want to talk about it. the black left -- and that's society, sean, is more interested in condemning what the reporter said than what the cop killer did. because their agenda is keeping racism front and center in america as an all-purpose explanation of what ails. but the cosbys and obamas are right. >> sean bergin lost his job -- >> i think it's appalling he lost his job, but i think what is more appalling and i hold him, the president of the united states, in higher regard than many, but i must say his most
10:41 pm
cosmic failure is the fact that he never followed up on that speech in 2008. he did make a father's day speech four years later. that could have been the center piece of his entire presidency. he could have elevated the urban family and been the role model. >> i agree with you. here's the thing, these kids are dying. somebody needs to go in there and believe in their talent and get rid of the drugs and the violence. that's not happening. and if you speak out, somehow you're an enemy. >> if you speak out, the top law enforcement officer in the country is going around making a spectacle of himself talking about how people are cowards when it comes to -- but when out like you say, you get your head chopped off like the philadelphia mayor nutter said a few years ago. he said the right thing -- >> the black leadership wants to keep the focus on what white people can do for blacks, not what blacks can do for themselves. >> i'm out of time. we could do a whole hour on this. maybe we will. >> we should. >> as a matter of fact, we're going to do a special on this tomorrow night, this whole issue. we have an investigative report for you.
10:42 pm
coming up, israel now saying it will hold fire for five hours for humanitari [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ♪ ♪
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10:47 pm
in order to aid to be delivered to the people in gaza. fox news is told this will last for approximately five hours. this news comes after israel's military warned tens of thousands of palestinian civilians to evacuate their homes in order to avoid further planned air strikes in gaza. fox ea fox's own john huddy standing by with the very latest. >> reporter: yeah, shaean, it's hold fire going to last for about five hours starting about 10:00 a.m. local time in order to give the u.n. a chance to bring much-needed relief supplies into gaza for the palestinians here. the question is, sean, will hamas hold its fire? there's been a couple new developments along with the fighting. first of all the death toll has gone up to more than 220 palestinians including four little boys, four palestinian boys, 9 to 12 years old killed while playing on the beach today. the israeli military struck a suspected hamas target. and these boys were killed.
10:48 pm
they left their homes going down to the beach thinking it was safer. and they were hit by the incoming air strike. that along with all the other violence today, the missile attacks, air strikes on hamas locations and also the rocket attacks targeting israel as well, and artillery fire overnight in the wake of the broken down cease fire negotiations between israel and hamas, some of that artillery fire, by the way, hit a hospital in east gaza, it's a rehabilitation center for disabled people. it's close to the border, no one was killed. just a couple patients were injured. but obviously, sean, it adds fuel to the overall fight. so, again, tomorrow morning israel says it's going to hold its fire for five hours to allow relief supplies to be brought in to gaza. the question is will hamas hold its fire, if it doesn't israeli military officials say israel will respond decisively in
10:49 pm
response to that, sean. >> all right, john, great reporting as usual. thank you for being up so early in the morning. and my next guest says that the mainstream media is portraying israel as the aggressor in this conflict. now, watch as this left wing host attempts to make a spokesman for the israeli prime minister apologize for his country's actions. he has it backwards. watch. >> attacking that clinic, the mosque that was recently struck, the head of police's house that killed, i believe, 18 people and injured 50, that's all just an unavoidable consequence of trying to target terrorist targets? >> let's be clear, if you use the example of the head of police, it's not like he's, you know, from the new york police department. this is the head of internal security of hamas. he's the man that enforces hamas' iron fist over the people of gaza where they've got this, you know, islamist government and stamp out all freedom. he's not a police officer in the
10:50 pm
american sense of the word at all. >> and here to respond to this example of media bias is -- and more prominent, is a criminal defense attorney, advocate for israel, benjamin brokman. how are you? >> i'm fine and thank you what you've been doing for israel. >> what would america do if three american kids were kidnapped and slaughtered, a thousand rockets being fired into let's say california, texas, new york, d.c., north dakota, what would america a thousand rockets? and but for iron dome, what we we do? >> put an end to the rocket fire. the biggest tragedy of this conflict is with the exception of fox news, main stream media is helping hamas perpetrate a fraud with the intellectual dishonesty used and how the story has been reported >> they didn't mention hamas once in that segment. how do you talk about this
10:51 pm
honesty and inform viewers you don't mention what this group is about? what their charter says. >> the charter says they want to destroy israel but what they're doing in which the world seems to ignore is that they're putting civilians into rocket launcher sites, then, when sites are being destroyed they're killing civilians. if israel wanted to kill sixins in gaza, we could have, but israel is showing restraint. you can have tens of thousands of casualties in israel. >> what i am afraid of is that you know proxy wars are being fought by iran they say they want to wipe israel off the map. they've said it many times i take them at their word but for iron dome, you're right. how many would be hurt.
10:52 pm
how deep is this strain out there in the radical islamic >> i think it's as deep as you can possibly imagine, then goes deeper i think part of the criticism of israel is anti-semitism because you can't be that stupid not to understand what's happening here they have a terror organization that is a bad organization. and israel has been portrayed by main stream media as the villian. >> what do you hi of the fact that our government, the united states government gives money to that coalition palestinian hamas. >> hamas government? >> we unfortunately have a history of giving money to organizations and country that's turn around to use weapons against us but there should be not a penny going to palestinian authority
10:53 pm
to to share that money with terrorist organization. it's immoral and should be stopped. with this administration needs to do is step up and say look. you know, hamas is buying rockets into israel, trying to kill as many israelis as possible. they have to be stopped. if this were happening in new york, if people in new jersey were firing rockets into midtown there would be no more new jersey the military, national guard, s.w.a.t. team would not give a damn how many civilian casualties would sit back for the rocket launchers. >> two thirds of israel's population has been in a bomb shelter. you raise a good point what do you say to the president? what do you think of how he's handled this? >> i think he hasn't handled it. the country has always been the
10:54 pm
leader of the free world israel is it's only ally we lose israel, we're alone out there. i think the president of the united states should say what i just said. there is no down side to saying it because it's true, honest and just takes guts. >> i've said this and will say it again. seems like the only adult on the world stage is the prime minister of israel. the only adult, bar none, and he needs support. and it's embarrassing we'd give money to this hamas government. we're fortunate to have a prime minister that is eloquent and strong. the difference between israel and hamas is that we use miss wrils to protect our civilian population, they're using the civilian population to protect their in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing
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before we go, we hope you'll set your dvr and record "hannity" the series. start your day with fox and friends each weekday morning. thanks for joining us, we'll see you back here tomorrow nfun. questions. who knows what will happen? right now here "on the record" fired new york times executive editor jill abramson to tell us all about her controversial firing. hear what she has to say. first while working at the new york times and after decades of covering presidential administrations abramson calls president obama's white house the most is he retif she's covered. she's not the only one. >> this is not the most transparent administration in history. >> i will make our government open and transparent. >> one thing i want to do is open things up. i want transparency, accountability. >> the white house said we'll do things differently, change washington. they didn't change washington. >> the more